“I always say that the times in my life when I’ve been happiest are the times when I’ve seen, like, a sunset.”

Chris Evans

Yesterday, I sat outside and watched the sun set. I was accompanied on either side by two neighborhood cats, and together we gazed in contented wonder as the sky’s vibrant pinks and oranges quietly gave way to twilight. As I always do in these rare moments, I regretted that they were just that: rare.

Once, in a similar state of awe, I set a reminder in my phone.

watch the sunset

I had hoped to recapture a sliver of peace on a more regular basis. However, “at peace” me and “regular” me occupy two very separate spaces. Getting up and moving in order to watch the sunset was lovely and sentimental, but I was always doing something else when my reminder dinged. More importantly, things that required zero extra effort.

watch the sunset

But I’m doing homework.

watch the sunset

I’m already watching Netflix.

watch the sunset

No thanks, I’m comfy.

The reminder quickly became nothing more than a momentary annoyance to dismiss nightly. I soon came to the conclusion that it would be less disruptive to delete than assume I would obey its next chime. And so I did. Until yesterday.

For whatever reason, I was once again overtaken by that extravagant calm. There are so many moments like this we miss daily: sunrises and sunsets, a favorite song unexpectedly on the radio, birds bobbing up and down on telephone wires. These things don’t have to be breathtaking or in any way significant to change our state of mind. We just have to be willing to seek them out.


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